Aftermarket Laser Marking Firearms

Industry: Consumer

Part Type: Firearms

Material: Stainless Steel

Mark Data Type: Text + Serial Number

Laser Mark Type: Laser Engraving


To be ATF compliant serial number engraving needs to be done to a minimum depth of .003 inches and in a print size no smaller than 1/16 inch. Typically, manufacturers want the marking to be deeper than the requirements to avoid any subjectivity in depth measurement technique.

Additionally, the serial number needs to be conspicuously placed on the firearms frame or receiver and be an individual number, not duplicated from any other serial number placed by the manufacturer on any other firearm.

Other information that also needs to meet these requirements includes the model (if a designation is made), the caliber or gauge, the manufacturer’s name or abbreviation, and the city and state.

We use a 50 watt Langolier to do this type of aftermarket job shop marking.

Note: Jimani does not have an FFL (Federal Firearms License), so completed firearms cannot simply be shipped to Jimani. We ask that the customer set up an appointment, bring their firearm in, and then wait while it is engraved. This process allows the customer to add their input on specific wording or location and to participate in the process so that they are full satisfied with the engraving.

Fast turnaround with guaranteed ship dates assure that your product will leave Jimani’s laser job shop on-time.

If we miss your quoted ship date from Jimani’s laser job shop your marking charges are waived. 

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