Evolution of Jimani’s Low Cost Hybrid Laser Marking Systems

When I was first approached by a Chinese Fiber Laser Systems integrator several years ago I was interested in investigating their products simply because the price point was remarkably lower that all of the traditional marking systems from US and European integrators, including Jimani and our Langolier family of marking systems. After a few years of searching and trial and error system evaluations we settled on a Chinese partner and an initial hardware configuration. The story behind my interest and my initial experiences can be seen here if you might care to read it.

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Affordable Laser Marking Systems

Not all laser marking applications require a fully featured, top-of-the-line laser system. In fact, for many applications, an affordable laser marking system that meets the minimum marking standards is all that is needed. Which is why Jimani offers an affordable laser marking system, the Jimani Hybrid System.

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High Speed, Large Area Rotary Marking

Rotary marking with a galvo driven laser system can be accomplished in one of two ways. The simple, inexpensive method is by “HANDSHAKING”. This simply means that a complete object is marked by the laser and then the marking software commands the rotary indexer to move to a new rotational position and another complete object is marked. This works well with any marking object that will mark on the circumference of a cylinder without exceeding the depth of focus of the laser’s optical system.

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