Laser Marking Aluminum

Why Laser Mark Aluminum?

There are a huge number of applications that call for laser marking aluminum. Aluminum parts come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a wide range of industries. From aerospace to automotive to consumer goods, aluminum parts serve many needs and are marked for a variety of reasons.

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Laser Engraving Aluminum

From firearms to manufacturing components, aluminum is a popular manufacturing material for parts and products that run the gamut from very small to very large, functional to aesthetic, and delicate to bulky. The staggering array of shapes, sizes, and end purposes makes laser engraving aluminum challenging for some.

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Laser Marking Aluminum: Applications and Specifications

Aluminum applications can be found in nearly every industry from industrial settings to consumer goods. In many applications the aluminum used needs to be marked for a variety of reasons. Laser marking aluminum is one of the most common marking solutions for aluminum because it is versatile enough to handle nearly any application specification from stain marking to aesthetic decoration.

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