20 Watt Laser Marking Brass, Plastic, and Stainless Steel

laser marking brass, laser marking for traceabilityBroadley-James Corporation, located in Southern California, is a manufacturer of sensors, instrumentation and equipment for the Bioprocess and Pharmaceutical industries. Broadley-James decided to purchase a laser engraving system because permanent and legible direct part marking on their products for identification and traceability is essential to their manufacturing process in terms of inventory control, process management and internal tracking.

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Brass Plate Engraving

laser-engrave-plaque-resized-600Laser marking of brass plaques is a fairly common application in the Trophy and Awards Industry. The plaque in the photo started out as a black painted sheet of brass. Using a 20 watt fiber laser, the plaque was marked as a ‘reverse image”. The laser removed the paint from the background and the remaining paint formed the text. No traces of black paint remained on the background and the precise positioning of the laser beam created the text with crisp,  well defined edges on each letter. Laser marking directly on or into brass can actually be tricky. Brass has a high reflectivity to 1064nm laser light, making it more difficult to mark than other metals. This difficulty can be overcome with a higher power laser option.

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