Design Considerations for Laser Marking Systems

Laser marking systems require the balancing of many different parts and requirements with size and space restrictions. For instance, applications where large parts need to be marked must take the size of the part into consideration before a single piece can be marked. The material that needs to be marked and the kind of mark also play into the setup of the laser marking system as a whole.

Finding the right combination of components and accessories often requires detailed knowledge of the application, material, space constraints, and desired mark. There are a few common specifications and accessories to consider, however, regardless of the applications particulars.

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Laser Marking Steel Nameplates

laser marking steelTri Town Precision Plastics, located in southern Connecticut, is a custom injection molding company that supplies all major industries, including medical, general industrial, aerospace, communications, automotive and defense. Tri Town produces numerous parts that require permanent part identification and uses YAG lasers to apply a direct part mark to a variety of parts.

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Dual Head Fiber Laser Marking System with X and Z Axis Control

Jimani designed, engineered and built a dual head 50 watt fiber laser marking system for the high volume marking of precision metal components.  One of the requirements of the system was precise part positioning integrated with the dual head fiber laser marking system.  Jimani integrated both X and Z axis positioning within the safety enclosure.  

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