Basic Langolier Fiber Laser Troubleshooting Guide

I believe that anything that is made can and will fail one day. I’m dismayed when I see advertising for fiber laser marking systems stating that everything in the system will be failure free for 100,000 hours. I’m not sure where that 100,000-hour number came from, but I believe that it is the estimated life of the pump diodes used in fiber lasers. That number has been misconstrued to suggest that everything will be perfect and failure free in a fiber laser marking system for 100,000 hours. A standard 40 hour work week is 2080 hours per year. If you think that any laser system is going to provide 48 years of failure free operation then I think you are being overly optimistic. So, having said that, let me address what kind of things can go wrong and try and provide a straightforward troubleshooting approach to our Langolier Fiber Laser Marking Systems.

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