Metal Laser Cutting Services with the Laser Cube

We recently acquired a fiber laser cutting system, the Laser Cube, and we’ve been busy experimenting with the variety of materials we can cut in preparation for launching metal laser cutting services. Earlier this spring we began offering metal laser cutting services, and already the types of materials and detail of cuts we can make with this laser cutting system are impressive.

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Jimani Introduces Laser Cutting Service

A few months ago we did some space reorganization at Jimani, and I found that I could open up a rather large section of floor space. As I was pondering how best to use that space, I coincidentally received a flyer about a fiber laser cutting machine. The machine was a 3KW IPG Laser Cube, and it was being demonstrated at a laser cutting shop in Anaheim, CA, Sierra Laser. I decided to make the 70 mile drive to Anaheim and look at it.

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