Affordable Laser Marking Systems

Not all laser marking applications require a fully featured, top-of-the-line laser system. In fact, for many applications, an affordable laser marking system that meets the minimum marking standards is all that is needed. Which is why Jimani offers an affordable laser marking system, the Jimani Hybrid System.

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Low Cost Hybrid Laser for Marking Tooling

logo_tfs_largest.pngTube Form Solutions, located in Elkhart, IN, builds tube bending, tube end forming, and tube cutting equipment. They design, build, and install tube processing equipment that requires tooling and services for the entire tube fabrication life cycle. 

Tooling is a big deal for them and for their customers. So when Tube Form Solutions needed a method of direct part marking tooling they reached out to Jimani for their low-cost hybrid fiber laser solution.

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Visit to Low Cost Hybrid Laser Marker Suppliers in China

In March, my wife and I made a tip to Guangzhou, China to visit FocusLaser, the supplier of the hardware and laser components of Jimani’s Low Cost Hybrid Fiber Laser Marking System. The laser module, scanhead, optical and workstation components of that system are supplied by FocusLaser in Guangzhou. Jimani adds the computer, control board and software to those components in order to turn them into a complete laser marking system. I was interested in getting a firsthand look and the company that we are doing business with.

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