Medical Part Marking

Laser marking is a common technique used for medical part marking by manufacturers. The medical part marking is often essential to the function of the finished product. Medical parts are marked for a number of reasons, but the most common are identification, traceability, and functionality. Sometimes medical parts are also marked decoratively or for branding reasons, but most often the laser marking is essential to the use of the product.

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Laser Marking Medical Devices and Instruments

Editor’s Note: this article is a reprint of one that originally appeared on Photonics Online.

color_marking-resized-600.jpgPermanent and legible direct part marking on medical products for identification, traceability, and functionality is essential to both the manufacturing process and the use of those products by end users. Medical product marking and decoration is used for inventory control, process management and internal tracking, branding, and functionality. In many cases, lasers provide the preferred means of marking and identifying those products. Laser marks can provide the following benefits:

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20 Watt Laser Marking Brass, Plastic, and Stainless Steel

laser marking brass, laser marking for traceabilityBroadley-James Corporation, located in Southern California, is a manufacturer of sensors, instrumentation and equipment for the Bioprocess and Pharmaceutical industries. Broadley-James decided to purchase a laser engraving system because permanent and legible direct part marking on their products for identification and traceability is essential to their manufacturing process in terms of inventory control, process management and internal tracking.

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3D Medical Manufacturing Improves Laser Marking Speed

3D Medical Manufacturing, located in Riviera Beach, FL and founded in 1994, is a Contract Manufacturer of critical high precision medical device components, implants, instruments, cutting tools and mechanical/electro-mechanical assemblies.  3D Medical Manufacturing specializes in full service fabrication from materials of Titanium, Stainless Steel, PEEK, Precious Metals, Aluminum, and Polymers that demand close tolerances and superior cosmetic finishing.

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