OEM Fiber Laser Kits For Integrators

A Jimani Langolier OEM fiber laser kit is a set of fully functional laser marking components which are intended to be installed or integrated into an end users own automation or workstation. The kit includes all of the components necessary for actual laser marking but these components are not mounted or housed into any type of workstation or support structure. Any necessary enclosures, Z axis adjustment mechanisms for focus or component mounting hardware becomes the responsibility of the end user. These kits are modular in nature and lend themselves nicely to integration into existing equipment.

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Laser Marking in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Jimani recently shipped a 30 Watt OEM Langolier to Progressive Manufacturing in Texas. They had a laser marker from another vendor and were spending lots of money keeping it running due to down time and repair costs. Progressive Manufacturing makes spare parts for semi-conductor tools and needs to mark them permanently with lot codes and part numbers for traceability.  These spares are made from aluminum oxide which is a very difficult material to mark quickly and reliably.  They also mark mark various metals and plastics.

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