The Latest RTC Control Board and Scanhead

rtc5 control boardScanlab’s newest RTC Control Board product is the RTC 5 board. The RTC 5 has the advantage of being able to run in a Win 7 64 bit environment and the board plugs into the newer PCIE motherboard slot in the computer. RTC 4 boards were once limited to a 32 bit operating system and, although Scanlab now advertises a 64 bit RTC 4 driver, the RTC 4 board is still limited to a standard PCI slot on the computer motherboard and those are becoming rapidly obsoleted as motherboard manufacturers convert to PCIE slots.

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Fiber Laser Marking System External Axis Controller

laser marking system ControllerThe Jimani External Axis Controller for fiber laser marking systems is an accurate, high resolution servo motor controller that is designed to work seamlessly with Prolase Plus Laser Marking Software. Prolase Plus laser marking software is the version of Prolase software that adds external axis control to steered beam laser marking systems. Those axes are typically X,Y,Z and rotary but any axis of motion that can be controlled by a servo motor is a candidate for the Jimani External Axis Controller and Prolase Plus software.

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Dual Head Fiber Laser Marking System with X and Z Axis Control

Jimani designed, engineered and built a dual head 50 watt fiber laser marking system for the high volume marking of precision metal components.  One of the requirements of the system was precise part positioning integrated with the dual head fiber laser marking system.  Jimani integrated both X and Z axis positioning within the safety enclosure.  

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