Laser Marking System Q&A

Recently, a manufacturer of Class 1 medical devices contacted me with some questions about integrating advanced laser marking systems with their products. The system needed to satisfy FDA and customer marking requirements, and they were looking for a supplier who was willing to work closely with them to provide support.

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Basic Langolier Fiber Laser Troubleshooting Guide

I believe that anything that is made can and will fail one day. I’m dismayed when I see advertising for fiber laser marking systems stating that everything in the system will be failure free for 100,000 hours. I’m not sure where that 100,000-hour number came from, but I believe that it is the estimated life of the pump diodes used in fiber lasers. That number has been misconstrued to suggest that everything will be perfect and failure free in a fiber laser marking system for 100,000 hours. A standard 40 hour work week is 2080 hours per year. If you think that any laser system is going to provide 48 years of failure free operation then I think you are being overly optimistic. So, having said that, let me address what kind of things can go wrong and try and provide a straightforward troubleshooting approach to our Langolier Fiber Laser Marking Systems.

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Last Chance to Upgrade to ProLase 10 For Free

The deadline for a free upgrade from Prolase 7 to Prolase 10 expires on September 24th. This free upgrade permanently enables the Prolase security dongle for Prolase 10. After the deadline expires there will be a $1500 charge for the upgrade, and American Laserware tells me that there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this, please do so quickly.

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Importing Adobe Illustrator .ai files into Prolase Laser Software

It seems as though most graphic artists these days are using Adobe Illustrator as their graphics program of choice. Illustrator is an extremely powerful vector graphics program but it is very common to create ai files that are not just a simple list of single line, connected vector elements. I personally like the old HPGL plt files which are nothing more than a bunch of move, draw, pen up and pen down commands. As long as the end segments of a plt file are connected, Prolase laser marking software understands them and handles them properly.

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ProLase 10 Laser Marking Software – Upgrade now while it is free

On September 26th, 2015, Prolase 10 laser marking software was made available for download from the American Laserware website. That date is important because, for all Prolase 7 users, Prolase 10 is a free upgrade if downloaded and installed within a year of the date that it was first made available. After September 26th, 2016, American Laserware will charge $1,500-$1,700 for an upgrade from Prolase 7 to Prolase 10, depending on when the original Prolase security dongle is returned to American Laserware. The free upgrade is reason enough to download and install Prolase 10 but, there are other reasons why I think that users should do so.

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Laser Marking Software and Windows 10

custom-fiber-laser-marking-systemSome time ago I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro notebook/tablet computer. Although I really liked the hardware design and features of the Surface Pro, I was completely disappointed with the Windows 8 Operating System that came with it. I spent a lot of time looking for applications that made Windows 8 look like Windows 7. It seems as though the closest I could get to that end was finding a Windows Start button application for Win 8. My surface Pro spent most of its life in my briefcase and I looked for other ways to satisfy my computer requirements while away from the office.

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