Class 4 Laser Engraver: Flexibility + Efficiency Delivers Performance

Langolier_laser_marking_system_with_sherline_x-yAn Open Table Langolier Laser Engraving System is an extremely flexible and high performance laser engraving solution.  There are two big advantages to be gained by using an Open Table system.


Flexibility is a critical part of just about any manufacturing process.  Parts can vary widely in size and shape and so laser marking systems used in industrial environments need to be easily  configurable to accomodate the wide range of ever changing parts that require marking. One of Jimani’s Open Table Laser engraving system customers had the following comments: “The open table Langolier works nicely for us”, says Paul Kitsmiller, Lewis Engineering manufacturing engineer. “Jimani’s open table design made it easy for us to create a method to precisely locate fixtures for any part we need to mark.” He continues: “The Jimani Langolier open table system has been very reliable for us and the training and service we received during installation enabled us to start using it immediately. When we have a question we get answers quickly.” Read More about Laser Marking Aerospace Parts at Lewis Manufacturing.

Click here to see how we integrate a Sherline X/Y tooling plate in the Langolier.


An Open Table Class 4 Laser Engraver System is easy to use. The open design gives the operator easy access to set up part fixtures and allows for quick and efficient Load/Unload times for part placement, marking and part removal.  There are no added steps opening and closing doors.

A Open Table Langolier also allows for the integration of modular components like

Safety items such as light curtain, foot switches, and side walls are also easily incorporated. It is recommended that the system operator always wear appropriate laser safety eyewear when operating an Open Table Langolier.

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