For some laser marking applications, a CO2 laser is a better tool because of the wavelength of the laser. Glass marking, wood engraving and most paint removal applications are better performed with a CO2 Laser. Jimani has partnered with Universal Lasers in Arizona and incorporates Universal CO2 Lasers in the Jimani CO2 Langolier.

co2 Langolier
The CO2 laser marking systems from Jimani are ideal for marking:
  • glass
  • wood
  • paint removal
  • plastics
  • leather
  • organic materials
Components of the Langolier CO2 Laser Marker include:
  • Universal CO2 laser source (20-70 watt) with integrated diode guide laser
  • Prolase Laser Marking Software
  • Scanlab hurrySCAN High Speed Scanheads
  • Scanlab RTC-5 Interface and I/O Boards
  • Network ready 64 bit Win 10 Pro Industrial PC
  • Beam Expander
  • Langolier Laser Controller
  • 10,600 nm optics
  • The Langolier CO2 laser marker is compatible with the standard Jimani workstations as well as available for custom integration into both production environments and/or into standard or custom enclosures.
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