CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Organic Materials

Industry: Ad Specialty

Mark Type: Surface laser etch and material cutting

Material Type: Spent Grain

Mark Content: logo and text

Laser: 50 Watt CO2 Laser Engraving


The photo shows a coaster that Jimani marked on and cut out of a sheet of material that was made from the spent grain of a beer brewery. This was part of a recycling project by graduate students at a local university. They developed a process by which they could make sheets of material using the spent grain from the beer brewing process. The recycled grain was processed to make sheets of material that had a similar consistency to very thick cardboard. We used a CO2 laser marking system to mark a logo on the coasters and then a different set of laser parameters in the same operation to cut the coaster out of the sheet of material.

CO2 Laser Marker: The Langolier

co2 laser marker

The ongoing costs to operate and maintain the Langolier CO2 laser marker are very low since there are no consumables and the laser has a long service life.

The CO2 laser marking systems from Jimani are ideal for marking:

  • glass
  • wood
  • paint removal
  • plastics
  • leather
  • organic materials

Laser etching, laser engraving effects, and cutting are strengths of the CO2 system.

Components of the Langolier CO2 Laser Marker include:

  • Universal CO2 laser source (20-50 watt) with integrated diode guide laser
  • Prolase 10 Laser Marking Software
  • Scanlab hurrySCAN High Speed Scanheads
  • Scanlab RTC-5 Interface and I/O Boards
    Network ready Industrial PC
  • Beam Expander
  • Langolier Laser Controller
  • 10,600 nm optics

The Langolier CO2 laser marker is compatible with the standard Jimani work stations as well as available for custom integration both into you production environment and into a custom enclosure.


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