Custom Engraving With Fiber Laser Systems

automotive-aftermarket-laser-marking-resized-600When laser marking or engraving is the best marking solution available, one of the toughest decisions to make is often whether or not to do the custom engraving in house or to utilize the services of a laser marking job shop.

For single custom orders, the expense of owning fiber laser systems probably does not make sense. For larger scale, repetitive runs, however, when parts volume is weighed against the cost of owning and operating a system,  an in-house laser marking capability might well be justified. The convenience of not needing to send parts out for marking can also be a factor.

For many, the expertise tht a job shop offers can also be a factor when deciding whether or not to outsource laser engraving. A laser job shop can help translate a custom order specification into a finished piece.  A laser job shop offers both the expertise and capability, making large scale runs just as feasible as single custom orders.  The cost of equipment and labor versus the cost per part makes laser job shop services the most efficient laser engraving option when you have low production volumes or do not have the the budget to purchase equipment and/or the desire to learn the technology.

Learn more about our laser engraving services and check out some of our recent laser job shop applications here. Or, contact Jimani and see what we can do for you with a state of the art laser marking system.


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