Dual Head Fiber Laser Marking System with X and Z Axis Control

Jimani designed, engineered and built a dual head 50 watt fiber laser marking system for the high volume marking of precision metal components.  One of the requirements of the system was precise part positioning integrated with the dual head fiber laser marking system.  Jimani integrated both X and Z axis positioning within the safety enclosure.  

See this system in action below:

The X and Z axis control give the customer a number of manufacturing and productivity benefits:

  • maximize the enclosed space for part marking
  • easy fixture alignment and placement
  • maximum uptime 
  • operator flexibility
  • consistent part marking quality
  • ability to mark parts of varying sizes
  • easy transition from one part to another – short changeover times
  • flexible, programmable marking system
By using two 50 watt fiber lasers the customer can make just about any mark they will ever need.  This system can easily create surface marks, stain marks, light etching, as well as deep engraving.  No matter the part or material this dual fiber laser marking system will get the job done.

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