Fiber Laser Engraver Options Make for Versatile Marking Systems

Fiber laser engravers are versatile, flexible marking systems. With options like light curtains, foot switches, side walls, full enclosures, clamping options, tooling tables, and more there are a lot of ways to customize a fiber laser engraver to meet any applications needs.

laser-engraving-on-aluminum.jpgFiber Laser Options

Perhaps the most important aspect of any fiber laser engraver is the fiber laser itself. The Langolier fiber laser engravers that we build typically utilize either a 20 or 50-watt fiber laser. This gives users the greatest degree of flexibility in the material that can be marked and the types of marks that be created. These fiber laser engravers can be modified and customized to engrave a wide range of materials and suit a variety of applications. You can see the versatility of these systems in the laser engraving applications below.

Clamping Engraving Fixtures

Laser engraving involves digging a hole or cutting a groove in material to leave a mark. The mark left by laser engraving has depth. However, when laser engraving or scanning parts, there is no force being exerted on the part. It is imperative that the part not move during the engraving process, so a fiber laser engraver needs to have a way to ensure the part is held steady during the engraving process. Regardless of the other options chosen, part immobilization is key.

One option for immobilizing parts while they are engraved is a clamping system. You can learn about a specific clamping system, and how to use it in conjunction with our X/Y tooling plate, in this post. Generally, though, clamps are secured to the tooling surface and then to the engraving fixture. This holds the part securely during the engraving process.

Learn more about our laser engraving services and check out some of our recent laser job shop applications here. Or, contact Jimani and see what we can do for you with a state of the art laser marking system.


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