Fiber Laser Marking System External Axis Controller

laser marking system ControllerThe Jimani External Axis Controller for fiber laser marking systems is an accurate, high resolution servo motor controller that is designed to work seamlessly with Prolase Plus Laser Marking Software. Prolase Plus laser marking software is the version of Prolase software that adds external axis control to steered beam laser marking systems. Those axes are typically X,Y,Z and rotary but any axis of motion that can be controlled by a servo motor is a candidate for the Jimani External Axis Controller and Prolase Plus software.

The Langolier External Axis Controller can be configured for up to 4 axes of motion. Controllers are priced and configured for only the axes that are used at the time of shipment but additional axes can be added should requirements change. Upgrading the Controller for additional axes is a procedure that can be performed by the end user in the field and there is no need to return a Controller to Jimani for upgrades or modifications.

The Langolier External Axis Controller is a high performance, closed loop servo system with encoder feedback. The motors are 3 phase brushless type motors. It uses digital vector servo amplifiers and the motion controller is completely programmable and capable of coordinated motions. Communication with Prolase Plus Laser Marking Software is accomplished through the Jimani Controller software module.

The Jimani Controller software module was developed as a joint effort between Jimani, American Laserware, the developers of Prolase laser marking software and BDS Automation, renowned servo motor system designers. All marking vector positions are calculated by Prolase and positional commands are sent to the servo motors via the Jimani Controller software module and Jimani Controller hardware. An External Axis Controller system can include the stage or rotary indexer to be controlled or can just be provided with standard NEMA frame motors which can be mounted to an end user’s existing or desired hardware.

Motor profiles are tuned to the hardware being controlled to ensure optimum performance. Positional accuracy is guaranteed because of the encoder feedback and closed loop servo motor operation. The motors know where they are and always try to move to the commanded position. If an axis of motion encounters a “hard stop” because of operator error or the unlikely event of a limit switch failure, the system protects itself by sensing current to the motor and disabling it until the hard stop obstruction is removed. Once the motor is reinitialized after a “hard stop” shutdown, it still knows where it is.

The Jimani External Axis Controller chassis is an industry standard 4U high, 19 inch rack mountable chassis. The communication connection to Prolase is via USB. The Controller contains all of the internal power supplies for motion controller, amplifier and motor operation and only requires a single 115VAC external power connection.

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