How to Laser Etch Glass

Direct part marking glass is traditionally a troublesome prospect. With typical marking methods, glass is a difficult material to mark. However, we have pioneered a glass etching method that not only produces superior results but also offers a number of other benefits.

laser-etching-glass_1-resized-600.jpgProblems with Traditional Marking Methods

Many traditional methods used to mark glass have some problems associated with them. For one, most methods produce choppy and uneven edges. Most laser etching glass methods produce a flaking or chipping off of glass shards, leading to this unattractive edge.

Other methods of etching glass rely on additives or special processes to produce clean edges and attractive marks. For some applications, this is fine. However, additives and special processes aren’t always ideal.

How to Laser Etch Glass

We have developed another way of laser etching glass which avoids the pitfalls of traditional methods. Our process doesn’t create a large upset of the surface material, it is a light etching, so the finished mark is smooth and attractive. This also has the added bonus of not producing any chipping or flaking off of glass shards.

This method, because it produces a smooth edge, can be used to mark graphics and text with superior results to traditional etching methods. It can also be used on all glass types and doesn’t require the use of additives!

Additionally, we can mark very far around the circumference of the glass without rotating it. And, because this method uses our existing equipment, if we do need to rotate the glass we can use our rotary marking attachment to move the part and tile the marking field.

Laser Etched Glass Applications

You can see some examples of our laser etching glass process below.

Glass Marking with a CO2 Laser

Laser Etching Glass

Laser Marking Glass Bottle Saves Man’s Job

Laser Marking Glass with CO2 Systems

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