Laser Cutting Bronze with a Fiber Laser

When it comes to cutting metal, you have a couple of choices of cutting method. CO2 laser cutters, for instance, are fairly common and do a pretty good job for most applications. So why choose to use a fiber laser cutting system instead?

It’s a bit of a trick question because the biggest advantage to a fiber cutting system when you’re talking about laser cutting bronze is that a fiber system can cut it. You can’t use a CO2 cutting system for cutting bronze.

In fact, if you want to cut bronze, copper, or brass, you’re going to have to use a fiber laser cutting system.


The good news is that laser cutting bronze with a fiber system also offers you exceptional control and detail. Fiber laser cutting systems have the narrowest kerf width of any of the types of metal cutting system so they can cut with more detail and accuracy.

You can see some examples of the detail a fiber laser cutting system is capable of in the pictures below.

And another example of the detail we can achieve with a fiber laser cutting system:

laser-cutting-bronze-and-copper (1)

laser-cutting-bronze-and-copper-2 (1)



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