Laser Engraving Brass Nameplates

Industry: Nameplate

Material: Brass with black paint top coat

Mark Data Type: Text/Graphic

Laser Mark Type: Surface Etching and Engraving

laser engraving brass nameplates

This brass nameplate was laser marked using a graphic file of the negative of the text.  We used a 20 watt fiber laser marking system to create the crisp text on the bronze background. The laser marking process took 5 1/2 minutes and the brass plaque measures 9 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.

The 20 Watt Langolier Open Table design is meant to laser etch both large and small nameplates. It is air cooled and plugs directly into a standard 110 outlet making it much more energy efficient and far less prone to require regular maintenance.

Jimani Langolier laser marking system is a turn key system and flexible tool for space challenged manufacturing and processing environments.  The Open Table Langolier is designed to be a compact, stand alone laser marking station flexible enough to handle one off samples and mid-range production runs.

laser etching,laser mark, laser marking aluminum, laser etching aluminum, fiber laser marking aluminum, fiber laser mark aluminumDesigned to be a turn key, flexible system the Langolier Open Table is ideal for small, low volume, high variety production environments.   This laser system is perfectly suited for the flexible work environment where your marking needs might change, the marking station needs to be moved, or the parts being marked are large or odd shapes.

All Langolier fiber laser marking systems are supplied with Prolase, a user friendly, proven, robust laser marking software package very easy to use for importing and manipulating graphics files for brands, logos, and schematic files.


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