Laser Engraving on Chrome

dscn5205_chrome_50w-resized-600Laser engraving on chrome can produce some truly wonderful results. The crisp, clear marks that laser engraving can make on chrome make it the perfect marking solution for any time of decorative marking on chrome. Chrome trophies and awards are especially well served by laser marking.

The two photos included in this post show different types of marks on chrome. The lobster was marked us an “ablation” technique that just provided a white, frosted look on the chrome surface. The other photo is a chrome plated auto exhaust component that was marked using a “stain” mark which simply heats up the surface of the part and causes an oxide layer to form. The oxide layer is permanent, not damaging and provides excellent contrast.

The best bet for laser engraving on chrome is to use a fiber laser marking system. The Jimani Langolier Fiber Laser Marking System is a complete system and flexible direct part marking tool. The workstation’s Z Axis adjustment can position the focusing lens as high as 29 inches above the part marking surface. The laser marker accommodates long focal length lenses, parts fixtures and large surface areas or tall pieces.

chrome-laser-markingThe industry standard 19″ rack mount computer and Langolier Fiber Laser Controller are contained in the workstation frame making the unit completely self contained with the exception of a single 115 VAC household outlet. The system is mounted on casters and if need be, can be moved from one area of the factory to another without being “tethered” by water or high voltage connections. 

All Langolier fiber laser marking systems are supplied with Prolase, a user friendly, proven, robust laser marking systems software package. 


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