Laser Engraving Sherline XY Slide Maintenance

Jimani uses a manual X-Y table made by Sherline Products as a standard feature on Langolier Workstations. We started using them shortly after we installed a Langolier Fiber Laser Marking System at Sherline.


A few months after Sherline received their system, we had a call from Karl Rohlin, VP of Manufacturing at Sherline, and he said to me, “Jim, we like everything about your Langolier except for the manual X-Y table that you ship with it. We’ve modified one of our own Sherline tables for use with your system and I want to know if you are interested in using it.”

Karl sent me one of those tables and we were sufficiently impressed with it that it has been a standard feature on Langolier workstations for the last two years.

Sherline recently made a maintenance video about the table, narrated by Karl, which describes in detail any maintenance or parts replacement which might ever be needed on it. I thought that this would be a useful piece of information for Langolier users and so we are posting his video on our website.

Jim Earman says “Karl, thanks for doing this. You and Sherline have been a pleasure to do business with”.

Here are some more articles about the X/Y table accessory:


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