Laser Job Shop Applications

laser job shop, laser job shopsThere are many situations where a company needs to outsource the process of laser marking parts to a laser job shop instead of buying a laser marking system:

  • Prototype parts
  • Product Development parts
  • Early, short run production
  • Small volume production runs
  • Custom products
  • Lean environment – company does not want to add non-core operations
  • Lack of capital to buy laser marking equipment
  • Start up company or new product testing

There is often a quantity cost calculation that drives the decision to buy a laser marking system versus outsourcing and using a laser job shop.

The decision to use a laser job shop for marking versus bringing the work in house and buying the laser equipment hinges on the cost per part ratio compared to the cost of equipment and labor to in source the same work.  Another key driver in the decision making process to in source  the laser marking is the expertise  required to develop particular laser job configurations and applications engineering.

Another factor to consider when deciding to use a laser job shop is the rest of the fulfillment process surrounding your particlar part.  Does the part need to be packaged and shipped?  Is there other secondary marking or processing that the job shop could handle?  Is shipping the parts a cost issue due to part weight or size?

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