Laser Marking 401: Pricing a Fiber Laser Marking System 

Photonics Online just published the fourth in a series of educational articles from Jimani, Laser Marking 401: Pricing a Fiber Laser Marking System!

In this article we tackle the question, “How much does a fiber laser marker cost?” One of our most frequently asked questions, the answer depends on the application and configuration of the system. Determining the cost and configuration requires you to know a number of important pieces of information like the material you intend to mark, marking area, and other questions about the specific application and configuration requirements.

You can read the full article here. Learn more about the entire series below.

Laser Marking 301: Marking Techniques discusses the three main types of marking techniques (ablation, engraving, and staining) in detail including common applications and advantages of each style.  

Laser Marking 201: Laser Marking Various Types of Products is a continuation of the first article we published a few months ago. The piece covers fiber laser marking basics of marking marks on various types of surfaces including flat, large flat surfaces round, and stepped parts.

Click here to read Laser Marking 101: The Basics of Steered Beam Laser Marking Systems. The piece covers a wide range of fiber laser marking basics. From a basic overview of how fiber laser marking works to a video demonstration of laser marking in action, this piece is a great starting place for anyone interested in learning more about fiber laser marking.

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