Laser Marking and Engraving  Aluminum

 Aluminum in a common material found in nearly every industry. In many of the industries in which aluminum is commonly used it is often marked for aesthetic reasons, traceability, or other identifying information.

marking-on-aluminum.jpgOne of the most versatile ways to mark aluminum is with a fiber laser system. A fiber laser marking system allows aluminum to be marked in a variety of interesting and permanent ways. The three most common methods for marking aluminum with a fiber laser are ablation, engraving, and stain marking.


Laser ablation is the removal or vaporization of material from the surface of some material or substrate. Ideally, the laser light is absorbed on the surface of the part and there is minimal penetration into the part.


Laser engraving creates a mark that goes deeper into the material.

Increased laser power and lower marking speeds are the trademarks of deep laser engraving. Engraving creates a deep, long lasting mark on aluminum surfaces.

You can learn more about each of these three methods in our free resource, Laser Marking Aluminum: Common Applications and Marking Specifications. This free download includes information about:

  • Common applications
  • Types of mark and how they are made
  • Laser marking equipment specifications

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