Laser Marking Cylinders With Distortion Correction and Rotary Marking

laser etching logoProlase 7 Plus, American Laserware’s newest laser marking software release, has just added distortion correction and rotary marking tiling features.

Below is a video of a cylinder being laser marked with the Prolase 7 Plus Distortion Correction and Rotary Tiling features. The video shows a tube being rotary marked with 4 logos. The first mark is with the tube in a stationary position without “Distortion Correction” being used. The top and bottom of the logo show the obvious problems with large logos on round parts. The second mark is the same logo at the same size but with “Distortion Correction” applied. The difference is obvious…..a large, clean, undistorted logo.

The third and fourth rotary marks are of the same logo but at progressively larger sizes. Both of these logos are marked with “Rotary Tiling” engaged. Prolase breaks the logos into “Tiles” and the rotary indexer positions the parts so that the tiles are located correctly around the circumference of the part. The last logo (the one on the left) was marked approximately 250 degrees around the circumference of the part.

The material being laser etched with the logo is black, anodized aluminum.

Please contact Jim Earman at Jimani at (805) 486-1399 for more information about how you can upgrade your current laser with this new software and marking hardware system.

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