Laser Marking Delrin

What is Delrin?

Delrin is an engineering thermoplastic. Typically, Delrin is used in applications that require high stiffness, low friction, and dimensional stability. Available is a variety of colors, Delrin is strong, hard, and ridged polymer.

cine-tape-case-cropped-resized-600.jpgLaser Marking Delrin Applications

Larry Barton, president of Cinematography Electronics, had this to say about working with Jimani on a laser marking Delrin project, “I am a stickler for details, so choosing a laser engraver for our high-end products was not an easy decision to make. We have finally found an engraver we feel confident working with.  Jimani has a well-organized laser engraving service facility, well-trained, qualified personnel, and they are a pleasure to work with. All of our anodized aluminum or Delrin parts are carefully handled, and laser marked. 

As an individual who cares deeply about the quality of engraving, I have been extremely satisfied with the laser engraving services Jimani has done for me. 

The work has been precise and timely.  They even pickup and deliver.  I couldn’t ask for more.

I have always believed that one good vendor is worth 10 customers.  Jimani goes beyond; they are a fantastic vendor for us.”

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