Laser Marking Machines

LANGOLIER_Class_IV_copy1-resized-261If you are in the market for laser marking machines you have a lot of options to chose from. The type of material you intend to mark and the type of mark  you want to make will help you determine which type of laser marking system works best for you, but in general you are going to have to chose from a CO2 laser marking system or a fiber laser marking system.

CO2 laser marking systems are ideal for identifying products and creating permanent traceability marks. The Langolier CO2 system is a compact laser marking system, ideal for harsh environments and manufacturing facilities. The Langolier CO2 laser marker typically replaces high maintenance cost products like ink jet, labeling, and dot peen.  The ongoing costs to operate and maintain the Langolier CO2 laser marker are very low since there are no consumables and the laser has a long service life.

Fiber laser marking systems, on the other hand, are also durable and require no maintenance. All components in our fiber laser systems are user replaceable, however, in the unlikely event that one of the components fails. Our fiber laser marking machines are wall powered, air cooled, and can accommodate a broad range of materials and applications. Common applications include:

  • Laser Engrave or Laser Etch all Metals, Many plastics and Non-Metals
  • Laser Mark Bar Codes, 2D Matrix
  • True Type Font Support
  • Radial Text, Serialization
  • EPS, PLT, DXF and Most Vector Files
  • Automation Friendly

Contact us to learn more about our various laser marking machines and let us help you find the right machine for your application.


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