Laser Marking Medical Devices: The Best Marking Solution

Laser marking medical devices is one of the best ways to mark both medical equipment and products.

Medical_Device.jpgMany medical devices, equipment, and products are marked for traceability, identifications, and functionality. Laser marking these pieces is the ideal way to mark them for all of medical applications because of the type of marks left and the versatility of laser marking.

Why mark medical equipment?

Medical products are marked for a variety of reasons including:

  • Inventory control
  • Process Management
  • Internal tracking
  • Branding
  • Functionality
  • Traceability

Why laser mark medical products?

Laser marking, as opposed to other marking methods, offers a number of distinct advantages. One of the biggest advantages to laser marking is that it leaves a permanent and non-contaminating mark. This is important for products and equipment where sterilization and contamination are considerations like surgical equipment.

The marks left from laser marking are also crisp, legible, characters with high contrast that make them easy to read and identify. Laser marks are also corrosion resistant.

Combined with the ability to place nearly unlimited information types (2D/3D codes, graphics, and symbols) on irregular surfaces these advantages make laser marking ideal for medical equipment.

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