Laser Marking Systems Done Right – NightForce Scopes Chooses Jimani

laser marking system, laser marking systems, laser markingNightforce Optics, the world’s leading scope manufacturer, is headquartered in Orofino, Idaho. Nightforce was established in 1992 with one goal in mind: to build the finest rifle scopes on the market. This dedication to quality makes Nightforce the choice of professionals, hunters and serious shooters.

Every single scope made by Nightforce is thoroughly inspected at 70 different points by hand. These inspections include all of the marking on each scope. Nightforce was not happy with the quality of the marks being applied by an outsourced laser marking job shop so they decided to search for another vendor. What they found not only significantly improved the quality of the direct part marks but fundamentally changed their manufacturing process.

Nightforce initially engaged Jimani of Oxnard, CA to laser mark the scopes at Jimani and ship them back to Nightforce. Because laser marking is one of the last steps in the manufacturing process any delays or issues can become a major bottleneck in the system.

Jimani suggested that Nightforce consider bringing the laser marking process in house and buy their own system. “Without Jimani’s guidance and expertise we would not have been able to make the change to marking our own parts. Jimani was fabulous about helping us understand how to make the absolute best quality mark. Our standard is perfect or better and Jimani delivered on this high expectation. When you sell scopes that demand a high price in return for exceptional quality, only the best will do and Jimani helped us get there with our part marking using the Langolier laser marking system. Bringing the marking in house lowered our costs, improved our quality and simplified our production processes. Jimani supports us so well that we are considering expanding our use of lasers for marking and other production processes.” states Randy Maas, QC/Engraving Manager.

Nightforce produces in house most of the markings on the body tubes and turret knobs for their scopes including moment of angle adjustment marks, serial numbers, logos, and ‘made in USA’ text. The tolerances for these marks is +/- 0.001 inches and the Jimani Langolier 20 watt open table fiber laser marking system helps them achieve it. Nightforce makes these scopes from aluminum that is anodized and then marked.

Bringing the laser marking system in house allowed Nightforce to shorten production times, maintain more flexible manufacturing schedules and to mark test components. Nightforce even discovered a new use for the laser marking system: cutting brass material for a battery contact. “We were able to use the fiber laser marking system to cut brass instead of making tooling, saving us a ton of time and money. The Langolier continues to meet and exceed all of our expectations as well as open up new doors to make our products even better. There is no comparison between Jimani and all of the other laser suppliers we talked to – Jimani is always there for us when we need them.” says Mr. Maas.

laser marking system, laser marking systems, laser marking

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