Laser Marking Wood With a CO2 System

Industry: Consumer Goods

Material: Wood

Mark Data Type: Graphics, logo

Laser Mark Type: Engraved, approximately 1/8 inch deep per customer request

laser marking wood

These wood panels were marked with a 50 watt Langolier CO2 laser system using a 12 inch field lens.  The marking is about 1/8 inch deep.

The Langoiler CO2 laser marker is an ideal machine to identify a product or create a permanent traceablity mark on many materials including wood and other organic materials.  Jimani built this unit for tough manufacturing environments and facilities.  The costs to operate and maintain this Langolier CO2 laser  are very low since there are no consumables and the laser has a long service life.

The Langolier CO2 laser marker is designed to be compatible with the standard Jimani work stations.  Custom integration both into you production environment and into a custom enclosure are also available.

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