Last Chance to Upgrade to ProLase 10 For Free

The deadline for a free upgrade from Prolase 7 to Prolase 10 expires on September 24th. This free upgrade permanently enables the Prolase security dongle for Prolase 10. After the deadline expires there will be a $1500 charge for the upgrade, and American Laserware tells me that there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this, please do so quickly.

Prolase_Screenshot-resized-261.jpgProlase 7 and Prolase 10

Prolase 7 is frozen. The final version of Prolase 7 laser marking software is on the American Laserware website and there will be no further changes to it.

Upgrading to Prolase 10 from Prolase 7 requires one additional step beyond what was required for a Prolase 7 to Prolase 7 update, but it is still pretty darned simple.

Prolase configuration files and marking files (.laz files) that were created in Prolase 7 performed flawlessly in Prolase 10. Once Prolase 10 is installed, the Prolase security key (dongle) recognizes the existence of Prolase 10 and enables itself for both Prolase 7 and Prolase 10 operation. It is possible to have both Prolase 7 and Prolase 10 installed on the same computer and the operator can open and use either version. The downside to this is that files created or saved in Prolase 7 will run in Prolase 10 but files created or saved in Prolase 10 can no longer be opened in Prolase 7.

We can help!

We will be happy to help in any way that we can with the upgrade. It is simple, fast and bulletproof. All of your Prolase 7 laz files will continue to operate in Prolase 10.

The future of Prolase Laser Marking software is in Prolase 10. If I can ever answer any questions or assist any of our customers in the upgrade process, I’ll be happy to do so. 


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