Metal Laser Cutting Service

As a natural extension of laser marking and engraving metal, metal laser cutting is one more facet of a metal fabrication job shop. Like all job shop applications, laser metal cutting service can either be performed in a job shop setting or in-house. Again, like all job shop services which is preferable often comes down to volume.

laser-cutting-edge-quality.jpgLike most metal fabrication equipment, laser metal cutting equipment is often a large material investment both in terms of space and expense. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that we added a laser cutting machine to our job shop line-up.

Jimani Laser Cube

A few months ago, we announced our acquisition of a laser cutting machine, the Jimani Laser Cube. Since our December announcement, we’ve been practicing with the Laser Cube and experimenting with how far we can stretch the Laser Cubes capabilities.

Laser-cutting-service.jpgMetal Laser Cutting Applications

We’ve only just begun to offer metal laser cutting services, but already the versatility of the Jimani Laser Cube is evident. For example, in this application, you can see the extreme detail that we are able to achieve with this system.

We’ve also completed a job shop run of laser cut washers. In this application, we cut 3-inch diameter washers from 0.12” aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and ¼” aluminum.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our new metal laser cutting services, please contact us here. Or, request a quote for laser cutting services today! 


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