Nameplate Marking Systems

nameplate marking systemsThese days nameplate marking systems are in high demand. Nameplates are ubiquitous across a wide variety of industries and it is common for nameplates to be expected to remain legible and durable over long periods of time. Nameplates are used for everything from machine labels to decorative signage, although machinery nameplates are some of the most common.

In addition to nameplates for machinery, the American with Disabilities Act requires certain indoor signage. ADA signage must conform to a number of requirements, but in general these types of signs are typically mechanically engraved. Often the marking solution of choice for ADA signage is laser engraving because of its repeatability and because laser engraving easily creates raised characters (like Braille).  

When you need to mark nameplates, of all kinds, you have a couple of different options available in addition to laser engraving.


Engraving nameplates is a popular marking solution because you have the option of choosing either laser or hand engraving. Each of these engraving options offers different benefits and drawbacks. Hand engraving, for example, creates very authentic traditional looking products. However, hand engraving is one of the most expensive options available and isn’t a good fit for large scale operations.

Laser engraving, on the other hand, is a cost effective, highly repeatable marking options. Laser engraving is also a non-contact marking method so you avoid a lot of wear and tear. Laser engraving offers clean, crisp marks in a large variety of colors, depths, and sizes.


Another, less common, marking solution for nameplates is printing. Printing ensures a good, vibrant color transfer of pictures, text, or logos. However, it is often impossible to guarantee an exact color match with printing. Printing is also a contact marking method so there is additional wear and tear on the equipment

Langolier Fiber Laser Marking System

For laser marking nameplates we prefer the  Jimani Langolier laser marking system. A Jimani Langolier Fiber Laser Marking System is a turn key system and an amazingly versatile tool.

All Langolier fiber laser marking systems are supplied with Prolase, a user friendly, proven, robust laser marking software package very easy to use for importing and manipulating graphics files for brands, logos, and schematic files.

Contact Jimani and see what they can do for you with a state of the art laser marking system.

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