Prolase Laser Marking Software Update

rsz_logo_ali_wA new release of Prolase 7 laser marking software is available from either the American Laserware website or the Jimani website.

This release, among other things, adds a previously unavailable feature to Prolase 7 Plus. This feature allows the setup material file (setup.mat) to be used whenever parts are being marked in the “Setup Mark” mode using the Autotile feature in Prolase 7 Plus.

The intention of the setup material file is to allow the user to use a set of non-damaging laser settings when performing test marks on a part prior to actually marking it. Users will frequently put black electrical tape or something similar on a part, use low power, non-damaging laser settings and then do a setup mark on the part to ensure that all marking information and location is correct. If the mark is made in the “Setup Mark” mode in Prolase, the laser settings used come from the setup material file, setup.mat.

Until this new release, setup.mat would not be used when parts were marked in the “Setup Mark” mode using “Autotiling”. The laser settings used in Autotiling would be the actual settings that the operator intended to mark with. In order to do a setup burn on tape, the operator would be required to change the actual mark settings to lower power and then change them back when performing the final mark on the part. In this new release of Prolase 7, the “Setup Mark” mode, Prolase 7 will use the laser settings in setup.mat.

The update is labeled “Prolase 7 Beta” and has a release date of Aug. 4th, 2015. We have installed this update on several Langolier fiber laser systems at Jimani and it seems to function well. Prolase 7 updates are always available at no cost.


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