Rotary Tiling Laser Marking With Prolase 7 Plus Software

We have previously written about using the Jimani External Axis Servo Controller and Prolase 7 Plus software.  Jimani’s Langolier Fiber Laser Marking Systems are now capable of marking graphics or text completely around the circumference of a cylinder as shown in this video.

This part is being laser marked using the rotary tiling feature in Prolase 7 Plus software. We think it is a perfect example of what rotary tiling and laser marking is intended and suited for.

These parts were sent to us by a competitive job shop company who contracted with the client to mark them but then found that their marking software wasn’t well suited for the task. We simply made a graphic file of the entire marking on the part, imported the graphic into Prolase 7 Plus, defined the radius of the part and then let Prolase 7 Plus do the work.

The material is hard anodized aluminum and it was marked with a 50 watt Langolier configured with a 254mm EFL lens.

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