Stainless Steel Laser Etching

Stainless steel laser etching allows crisp, clear, dark looking marks to be permanently applied to the stainless steel surface.


Stainless steel laser etching is typically a fairly quick process that creates very clear, crisp marks. As with other types of laser marking, laser etching allows users to mark both text and graphics.

Stainless Steel Laser Etching Applications

Because laser etching on stainless steel is such a common marking technique, we’ve taken on a number of job shop applications that show off the versatility of this type of mark quite nicely. For instance, in this example to the right, we used a 20 Watt Langolier fiber laser marking system to create both text and graphics on a stainless steel knife. In this example, the stainless steel laser etching was accomplished in about 45 seconds.

stainless-steel-laser-marking-1-1-1In this next example to the left, we also created both a logo and text on the stainless steel surface. This mark was accomplished with a 30 Watt Langolier laser marking system using a 254 lens.

Stainless Steel Laser Etching with a Langolier Laser Marking System

Our Jimani Langolier fiber laser marking systems are fully complete systems and customizable tools for space-challenged manufacturing and laser marking job shop environments. 

All Langolier fiber laser marking systems use Prolase, a user-friendly, proven, robust laser marking software package that is very easy to use for importing and manipulating graphics files for brands, logos, and schematic files.

Contact Jimani and see what they can do for you with a state of the art laser marking system.


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