The Latest RTC Control Board and Scanhead

rtc5 control boardScanlab’s newest RTC Control Board product is the RTC 5 board. The RTC 5 has the advantage of being able to run in a Win 7 64 bit environment and the board plugs into the newer PCIE motherboard slot in the computer. RTC 4 boards were once limited to a 32 bit operating system and, although Scanlab now advertises a 64 bit RTC 4 driver, the RTC 4 board is still limited to a standard PCI slot on the computer motherboard and those are becoming rapidly obsoleted as motherboard manufacturers convert to PCIE slots.

The RTC 5 board was designed to work with scanheads with the new SL2-100 interface. Although there are cable adapters that will let the RTC 5 board connect to XY2-100 interface scanheads, the SL2-100 interface is much cleaner.

All Jimani Langolier Fiber Laser Marking Systems  now incorporate RTC 5 Control Boards and hurrySCAN scanheads with the SL2-100 interface. Windows 7-64 bit is now the standard operating system on all new Langolier systems. Jimani and Scanlab will always continue to support systems with RTC 4 boards and XY-2-100 scanheads and, upon request, Jimani will confgure a new system with an RTC 4 board if a customer wants to maintain compatibility with existing equipment.


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