White Laser Etch Black Anodize Using a 20 Watt Fiber Laser

Industry: Manufacturing

Material: Black Anodize

Type of engraving: White Look

Type of Laser: Jimani Langolier with 20 watt Fiber Laser and  254 lens

Mark content: Text

laser etch black anodize

The Langolier is a cost effective, highly reliable, zero maintenance, energy efficient, turnkey laser marking system integrated with industry leading components and safety features and is appropriate for a broad range of materials and applications. 

  • Laser Engrave or Laser Etch Black Anodize and all Metals, Many plastics and Non-Metals
  • Laser Mark Bar Codes, 2D Matrix
  • True Type Font Support
  • Radial Text, Serialization
  • EPS, PLT, DXF and Most Vector Files
  • Automation Friendly

The Langolier fiber laser marking system is the state of the art in industrial direct part marking lasers.  The Langolier fiber laser marker uses the latest solid state Ytterbium fiber laser systems (Infrared1060-1080nm) possessing a powerful and efficient combination of flexible fiber delivery, high peak power, excellent beam quality, and the best wall-plug efficiency available.

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