X/Y Table and Tooling Plate For Laser Marking

Jimani has been using the Sherline X-Y table on the Langolier workstation for a while, see example here.

Open Table Langolier. The tooling plate has dual purpose ¼” holes, on 1” centers. These holes are threaded ¼-20 on the bottom and reamed to ¼ on the top. This allows each hole to be used as a “part locating” hole when you insert a ¼” dowel pin. Each hole can also be used as a clamping hole using the ¼-20 thread.

In addition to the ¼-20 holes, the plate also has 10-32 holes which are positioned to mount the rotary table and tilting angle plate.

  • The X/Y tables are available with hand wheels calibrated in your choice of either inch or metric increments.
  • The X/Y tables are manufactured primarily from 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with black anodizing.
  • The table travel is 12.9” in the X axis and 3.7” in the Y axis.
  • The saddle has anti-backlash nuts to compensate for backlash.
  • Table movement is smooth, easy, and accurate.
  • The tooling plate is 8” x 18” x ¾” black anodized 6061 aluminum.
  • The overall height of the X/Y base and the tooling plate is 3.9”. This offers a nice low profile to the large tooling plate.

To learn more about cleaning and lubricating the Sherline X/Y base plate click here.


Sherline recently modified the X-Y table manual to include a section on lubrication. The new manual is now available on the Jimani website by clicking here.


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