X/Y Table Tooling Plate Replacement Offer

At Jimani we stand behind each and every one of our products, and we try to only work with other manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to customer service. One of the companies that we work with is Sherline Products.

Sherline Products manufactures the new manual X/Y table that we use on many of our markers.

 xy table

A Jimani customer recently brought to our attention an error in the tooling plate on the Sherline manual X-Y table. One of the part locating holes on the tooling plate was out of position by .016 inches. We brought the issue to Sherline’s attention and, true to form, Sherline responded swiftly offering to replace the tooling plate with a corrected version.

Please look at the letter from Sherline in the paragraph below. The letter describes specifically which hole is out of position and what corrective action can be taken if the mis-positioned hole is causing a problem. 

It was brought to our attention that we have a problem with our P/N 3560-LAZ Tooling Plate which is part of our P/N 6540-LAZ XY Base. The location of one of the one hundred and fifteen ¼” locating holes is out of position by .016”. The ¼” hole is still fine if used for clamping or as a stop pin location. However, because it is not aligned with the other holes, it should not be used for pin location of parts or fixtures that need to be held square. Below is a copy of our part print which shows the locating hole that is out of tolerance. 


If you are looking at the tooling plate with the Sherline logo in the top left corner and the 5/16” Oiler Access Hole to the lower bottom right. The hole that is out of position will be in the seventh row from the left and the fourth row down (circled in red).

We apologize for this error. If you decide that you can still use the tooling plate, we recommend that you laser engrave a 3/8” diameter circle around the hole, so that your operators will not use it for locating.

 If you decide that you can’t use the tooling plate. Please call us at 1-800-541-0735 and request an RMA #. We will set up return shipping for your plate and replace it with a new tooling plate.

 Once again, we apologize for this error, and we hope that you will still consider Sherline Products for your future laser engraving needs.

Best Regards,

Karl Rohlin
Sherline Products
Vice President of Manufacturing



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