Z Industries performs Automotive Laser Marking with 70 Watt Langolier

About six months ago Jimani sold a variable pulse 70 watt Langolier system to Z Industries. The owner Ron Zimmer is not a guy that makes capital equipment purchases lightly.  He knows that small manufacturing operations rise and fall on the equipment they have.  Turns out Jimani is the perfect laser partner for Z Industries.

Z_Industries_LogoZ Industries needed a laser marking system that could direct part mark a wide variety of components and materials. Z Industries makes supercharger pulley systems, air cleaners, air boxes, air intake tubes, and many other automotive aftermarket products. 

The materials they needed to mark include:

Jimani built them a Langolier laser marking system with a 70 watt SPI laser and Prolase software

Ron Zimmer, owner of Z Industries says “Jimani offered by far the most comprehensive set of features that mattered to us, these include

  • rotary with144,000 increments in 360 degrees
  • high z axis travel can so we can mark many configurations of parts
  • 70 watt SPI laser
  • beam expander (standard on Jimani systems) gives us a wider beam to make high quality surface marks
  • upgradable, flexible system

When you are dealing with Jimani you are talking to the owner of the company and the designer of the products and not some inexperienced sales guy.  Jim’s support, expertise, and availability are exactly what we need as we integrate the laser system into our manufacturing process.

Jimani only uses the highest quality components and we knew what we were getting inside so we could trust that the systems were built to last.  We wanted a system that is meant for our real world manufacturing environment and that is exactly what we got.”

Jimani Langolier Fiber Laser Marking System is a turn key system and an amazingly versatile tool. The workstation’s long Z Axis adjustment can place the focusing lens as high as 29 inches above the marking surface. The system easily accomodates long focal length lenses, parts fixtures and large or tall parts.

The industry standard 19″ rack mount computer and Langolier Fiber Laser Controller are housed in the workstation frame making the unit completely self contained with the exception of a single 115 VAC household outlet. Mounted on casters, the system, if need be, can be moved from one work area to another without being “tethered” by water or high voltage connections. 

All Langolier fiber laser marking systems are supplied with Prolase, a user friendly, proven, robust laser marking systems software package.




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